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  • A Fitting Reunion - The Story of my First Buck since my Grandfathers Passing

    I yank on Will’s arm, letting him know to grab his muzzleloader. This buck was walking the woods beside the field just watching what was happening in the field while going about his way. As he began to walk through the woods, Will had to stand up and get to the back of the stand to be able to shoot this bruiser as he was leaving our field. I got the camera ready and recording as we were scrambling to get into place. Will stands there for 10-15 seconds and turns to me asking “I don’t see him, where is he?”
  • An Unexpected Surprise - Ol Tom, the Dominant Bird

    An Unexpected Surprise - Ol Tom, the Dominant Bird      

    Fall 2017 - Kentucky

    Back when I lived in Kentucky, I was fortunate enough to be able to hunt on some property extremely close to where I lived

  • The Crawl

    The Story of the Double-Beard too caught up in love.

    It was a cold, 4 am, Saturday when I woke up, eyes wide open, to my phone vibrating and screaming off the table. My alarm had just gone off to begin my hunt. 

  • The Hunting Community

    The Hunting Community and YOUR Call to Action
  • Barnes VOR-TX 30-06 Springfield 180 Grain – Review In no way am I sponsored/partnered with Barnes to discuss their products. I started shooting ...
  • 2018 In Review

    Happy New Year!To say I have been absent from writing and indulging in my experiences as a hunter and outdoorsman would be too lenient. I have made...
  • The Moment I Was Addicted

    November, 2001 I couldn’t have been more confused, I had just seen what I knew was an 8-point buck walking by at 10 yards out of the corner of my ...
  • In My Lowest Moment, God Showed Up

    I will preface this with a realization that a lot of people will not understand my view point on this. All I ask is that you read this post to its ...
  • Close, but no Cigar

    Close, but no Cigar April 7th and 8th Of Spring 2018 Turkey Season Well, it was yet again cold and nasty. Sub-30-degree weather is never any fun, e...
  • A Successful Failure – Opening Weekend of Turkey Season, Spring 2018

    Well, the first weekend of Spring Turkey season here in Tennessee has come and gone. It was a very wet and soggy weekend full of getting teased by ...
  • Turkey Season Prelude – This is going to be Awesome

    Opening weekend for turkey season is one of my most anticipated days of the year. I cherish the early morning sunrises as the long-beards sit up in...
  • The Beginning – as Scary as It is

    95% of the time, I will be writing these posts in my deer stand or down at the farm while prepping for my next morning or afternoon hunt. Today, I am writing while sitting on my couch trying to wrap my head around the fact that this past Monday (3/12/18) I decided to pony up and do something in the industry that I have the truest passion for, the outdoors.