2018 In Review

2018 Deer Shot
Happy New Year!
To say I have been absent from writing and indulging in my experiences as a hunter and outdoorsman would be too lenient. I have made plenty of excuses in the last few months to keep from posting and I am here to say that things are about to change.
This is not a post to talk about a specific hunt or a specific time in 2018. This post is to make myself and everyone following my story and adventure know that I am holding myself to a higher standard in 2019.
2018 was a year full of ups and downs. Hunting was phenomenal all year yet my personal life took the hardest hit in the, now, 28 years of my life. I was able to harvest one of the biggest bucks this 2018 deer season as well as have the wildest adventure in the woods to date (story to come). My best friend, Beck, has gotten engaged to a wonderful woman and I can’t wait to see their beautiful story. My grandfather, my absolute hero, passed away. I miss him more than anyone could ever know.
I have so much to tell the world about and can not wait to interact more with people in the hunting industry and anyone interested! I want my impact to be felt in a way of bringing in new hunters or at the very least, educating people on conservation and the world I call home.
Look for more posts and more activity and please interact back and ask questions! I feed off the people who interact with me!

P.S. THANK YOU again to all who have discussed this adventure with me and are pushing me – you don’t know the effect it has had. On to 2019!

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