A Successful Failure – Opening Weekend of Turkey Season, Spring 2018

Well, the first weekend of Spring Turkey season here in Tennessee has come and gone. It was a very wet and soggy weekend full of getting teased by gobblers and spooked by hens. Of course, for me, it was a weekend to remember. I had decided to embark on my first hunts with a camera and I came out with some of the coolest videos that I would have to date.

We had a situation in the old barn where Big Will, the grandfather of my buddy I was hunting with, always sat down on cool, Spring mornings. We had gotten set up and after a little while of sitting tight, we had a crew of hens coming in. I haven’t ever encountered a bearded hen before! I was able to get the whole walk in on camera, unfortunately they were spooked by our decoys and ran back into the woods only to watch two monster gobblers walk right behind them. Bearded hen

The rest of our hunts went just about the same, we’d always be caught off guard at the right time for the turkey. We were wet, tired, exhausted and ready to head home by 9 am Sunday morning. On our way back, Bo and I encountered something we will always remember. Bald Eagle taking flight

One thing I did make sure to capture, was my pitch to a decoy company! Get you a good laugh while you’re watching this one!

Unfortunately, we came out opening weekend empty handed. However, I was able to see our great turkey hunting friend Fred and Shane as well as my Uncle Pup that came by for Easter. This weekend was absolutely a successful failure. We saw turkeys but was unable to get a shot, yet we saw 2 of the rarest sights that you will see in the woods. A bald eagle with its prey and a bearded hen. I was able to end my day with family and doing something all weekend that I love. I hope that everyone else had themselves a great Easter.


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