Barnes VOR-TX 30-06 Springfield 180 Grain – Review

In no way am I sponsored/partnered with Barnes to discuss their products.

I started shooting Barnes at the back-half of 2017 deer season. I honestly haven’t paid attention to ballistics of rounds, I just learned from what my father and friends have done. That was how I learned most about hunting by listening to what I was taught while in the woods with professionals.

Since then, I have shot 4 whitetail-deer with this round and not a single deer has run farther than 20 yards from the initial impact. All were within 200 yards, 2 were within 50 yards.

The 30-06 is one of the top guns of all-time in the deer woods and I will say I am completely confident in Barnes bullets.

100 yards = +2.0”

200 yards = 0.0”

300 yards = -8.4”

400 yards = -24.1”

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