Close, but no Cigar

Close, but no Cigar

April 7th and 8th Of Spring 2018 Turkey Season

Well, it was yet again cold and nasty. Sub-30-degree weather is never any fun, especially when it’s snowing. Turkey season is meant to be in the 50’s! I saw ice, sleet, snow, rain, but I also saw the sun rise and sun set while getting some beautiful photos along the way. Thank the good Lord that heaters were invented because this was a brutal weekend.

I spent my hunting weekend basically just trying to ambush some birds, it is extremely hard to try and track one down and sneak up on them when they aren’t communicating with you in any sort of way. Saturday morning was a frigid one, but, the best news came in the form of a text message. My buddy Clay, was able to put down a great gobbler straight off the roost. Couldn’t be happier for him as he is definitely the most dedicated turkey hunter that I know.

Pre -Saturday evening hunt was interesting. We look outside and I see snow coming down sideways. So, we decided it was a sit and wait in the old tobacco barn kind of day. Our heaters came in HANDY as I was able to stick it out for the whole evening while not seeing a single bird.

Those are some of the hardest days where you grind and freeze all day, yet you still see no birds, but that’s the game all us hunters play. It’s not called shooting, it’s called hunting. Some days you will go home empty handed yet some days you go home with a trophy.

Sunday was another tough day, it was frozen over all morning where I heard a single gobbler about a mile off. I was exhausted both mentally and physically at this point but knew I had one afternoon left to try and get something on the ground or at the least, on camera.

Sunday afternoon was special. I can let the videos speak for themselves, but I was able to get a coyote on camera for several minutes as well as a monster gobbler. I’ve decided that the gobbler that I did see that afternoon was the brother of the monster I was able to take down last year (double bearded at that). 


It’s always a rewarding weekend when you can get out in the woods and be one with nature. Take a view of the videos and see why it’s understandable the woods are so addicting.

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