In My Lowest Moment, God Showed Up

I will preface this with a realization that a lot of people will not understand my view point on this. All I ask is that you read this post to its fullest and relate it to a time in your life that does make sense in relation to this story.

I had just got back from a week-long hospital visit with my grandfather. My grandfather, is my true hero in my life. He is a lifetime preacher and a man of the highest morals and highest regard for his fellow man. The man who began the corny jokes that the Edwards claim, the man who started the Coke and Sprite mix at Thanksgiving, the man who at every family event would make sure a prayer was said before every meal. My grandfather, started the tennis tradition that my family shares and he also was the first person in our family to begin the hunting tradition. My grandfather is and will always be my hero. He has been in poor health for quite some time.

I was heading home from a weekend deer hunt when I was received a call from my grandmother saying they were heading to the hospital and that Grandfather was needing prayers. Never in my life has my heart sunk to my stomach like it did. I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach by Muhammad Ali. I immediately went home and got as many clothes together as quickly as I could. I sped my way up to the hospital and stayed by my grandfather’s side for nearly a week. Nights of pressing the “sound off” button on the monitors so that he would finally get to sleep as they would wake him. I was there with my grandmother. My grandmother is absolutely on the level my grandfather is to me. She is a saint and is one of the smartest people I have ever met in my life. We all connected on a level that will never be matched.

One of the days I was there, we were given grim news. I remember having to run outside to my car, in the pouring down rain, to call my mom just so that I could cry. I cried like the biggest baby there ever was. I finished that talk and took the deep breath and headed back in. As I was heading back to the farm that weekend as they were going to let him go home and to the hospital closer to his home, I just grew so sad. Our goodbye that day was unbelievably spiritual and I will remember that moment forever.

Fast forward to the next day and I am in the woods with my mother’s fathers rifle which was a 30-06. It was a rifle that had been handed down to me from my mothers’ father, whom I never knew as he died when I was very young. It was in a flash that I looked up and saw a beautiful 10-pointer standing out nearly 200 yards away. I immediately got in position and squeezed off a round. It was low, in the dirt, and off that bruiser went. I was absolutely devastated. I had had the worst week of my life and just missed a gorgeous deer. I started texting the group letting them know I missed but was going to go ahead and hang out the rest of the evening in the stand. It was at that moment I heard some deer running off to my right.

I turned to see this 10-pointer chasing a doe right out in front of me at 75 yards or less. I had gotten my second chance and I was not going to ruin this opportunity a second time. I squeezed off another round and that buck immediately fell to the ground. I immediately felt a weight being lifted off of me as my week had come to a close with that split-second trigger pull. I ran down from the stand and sprinted over to my harvest. It was in this moment that I feel like God had a hand on what was going on in my life. I just had a feeling that, no matter what was going on, it was all going to be okay.

I have come to accept the things that I do not have control over. I know that there will be pain and suffering in my life but I also know that there will be joy and happiness. I challenge anyone reading this to write down what provides them joy and happiness in their life and always have that paper or note at the ready.

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