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  • The Crawl

    The Story of the Double-Beard too caught up in love.

    It was a cold, 4 am, Saturday when I woke up, eyes wide open, to my phone vibrating and screaming off the table. My alarm had just gone off to begin my hunt. 

  • The Moment I Was Addicted

    November, 2001 I couldn’t have been more confused, I had just seen what I knew was an 8-point buck walking by at 10 yards out of the corner of my ...
  • In My Lowest Moment, God Showed Up

    I will preface this with a realization that a lot of people will not understand my view point on this. All I ask is that you read this post to its ...
  • The Beginning – as Scary as It is

    95% of the time, I will be writing these posts in my deer stand or down at the farm while prepping for my next morning or afternoon hunt. Today, I am writing while sitting on my couch trying to wrap my head around the fact that this past Monday (3/12/18) I decided to pony up and do something in the industry that I have the truest passion for, the outdoors.