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  • An Unexpected Surprise - Ol Tom, the Dominant Bird

    An Unexpected Surprise - Ol Tom, the Dominant Bird      

    Fall 2017 - Kentucky

    Back when I lived in Kentucky, I was fortunate enough to be able to hunt on some property extremely close to where I lived

  • The Crawl

    The Story of the Double-Beard too caught up in love.

    It was a cold, 4 am, Saturday when I woke up, eyes wide open, to my phone vibrating and screaming off the table. My alarm had just gone off to begin my hunt. 

  • Close, but no Cigar

    Close, but no Cigar April 7th and 8th Of Spring 2018 Turkey Season Well, it was yet again cold and nasty. Sub-30-degree weather is never any fun, e...
  • A Successful Failure – Opening Weekend of Turkey Season, Spring 2018

    Well, the first weekend of Spring Turkey season here in Tennessee has come and gone. It was a very wet and soggy weekend full of getting teased by ...
  • Turkey Season Prelude – This is going to be Awesome

    Opening weekend for turkey season is one of my most anticipated days of the year. I cherish the early morning sunrises as the long-beards sit up in...