The Beginning – as Scary as It is


       95% of the time, I will be writing these posts in my deer stand or down at the farm while prepping for my next morning or afternoon hunt. Today, I am writing while sitting on my couch trying to wrap my head around the fact that this past Monday (3/12/18) I decided to pony up and do something in the industry that I have the truest passion for, the outdoors. I’ve decided to blog/vlog about hunting/fishing while also reviewing and creating my own products for the hunting industry. I am going to have a person who has helped get me on the right foot to join me. Jayson Wall ( – give his website a check out and check out his YouTube 

                Honesty is going to be my #1 policy here. I am not flashy and won’t have perfect grammar. I cuss like a sailor at times and I don’t always say the right thing. The exact purpose behind the blogging portion of my new adventure is to truly interact with anyone who feels the pull to talk about hunting/fishing/outdoor industry. There will absolutely be times where I use this platform to reach out with my passions and have an open dialogue about problems in this world and in personal life. I think that there’s a WANT for human interaction, this is where the outlet can be.

                I was raised in the Bluegrass State and had an amazing childhood. I was raised by THE best people that are always and forever going to be in the back of my mind. Those people that you can call at 3 AM and they will drive across country to help you out – those type. Constantly around tennis racquets and guns and fishing pole, my life became revolved around these and they became my passions. My first hunting experience was an early morning turkey hunt, at 7 years old, where I absolutely froze and didn’t see a single animal the whole day. I still remember the quote my dad had said after that hunt: “Son, sometimes you strike out. It all depends on how you go to sleep and prepare for the next hunt.” You can take the quotes and lessons from the woods and portray them in your daily life – that was something I grew to realize from my father. Lessons in the woods are perfectly relatable to the real world. Hunting teaches patience, persistence, and the love of the outdoors and our Creator.

                My goal this this adventure is to interact with anyone who pops on here to take the time to read my posts – which will bring humor, passion, heartache and love.

                I have a story to show and tell with the world. This is it, as scary as it is. But, I am not scared. I am ready for an adventure that could eventually lead me to some amazing adventures or it may just give me a way to structure my life and entertain 50 people – either way – I am here and ready for it.

                The American Adventure

                Adam E

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