The Hunting Community

I was chatting with a buddy from work the other day about collaboration and the community behind different verticals (fashion, tech, hunting, etc) and I came to an obvious realization. There’s been lots of happening this past season even outside of my own accomplishments. The world largest non-typical was killed in Illinois. The Drury family was inducted into the Missouri Sports HOF and Tennessee opened up a couple more weeks of hunting (in specific counties) because chronic wasting disease. It’s been exciting seeing all of this happening and just an example of how close to home this community hits was the ability to take Joshua on his first ever hunt. I’ll expand much more on this later but Bo met Kent Woods on an airplane and the love of hunting brought them together so we could get Joshua (a kid in his foundation) that opportunity. 

My call to action, for you as a reader is to tell me of a time where the community of your passion (doesn’t matter to me if it’s hunting or fashion) has influenced you directly. 
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